Hmrc is something of a bad name at the moment with Chef’s especially those working on agency or Freelance as they seam to be trying to push us out the door. I am currently looking through all the ins and outs of what really is the benefit of working freelance anymore with the time and effort that it takes to go through these I will post my findings and helpful hints and downfalls of going one way or the other with so many options that we have and hmrc trying to close all  those doors. Firstly most of my researching is based on what is out there on the net for all to see but there is so many different story’s on what we can and can’t claim for.


Just remember most of us do work legally or atleast try to keep with in the rules when made clear to us.


With the latest review and development’s & research on hmrc  we find it harder for Chef’s to claim travel with the new laws coming in to force lately even if you were registered as a ltd company they make it difficult to claim travel unless you were classified as consulting prior to temporary work.