About us

Mark Patrick – Owner


Our Consultancy service is second to none in  your area , we can streamline your catering operation and help you and your team perform more efficiently.

  • F-H Consultants can transform your business in to a profitable money making machine with our bespoke consultancy service.
  • We will provide you with years of experience, access to our database of professional clients and Award wining contacts.
  •  Introduce costing templates, H.A.C.C.A.P’s in line with local authority guidelines and standard operational procedures.
  • Onsite visits, on the job training, with our hands on approach we will put an arm around those who need to be developed, identify and strengthen your weaknesses and streamline your workforce.
  • We will help with menu development, complete recipe templates, full menu costings and standardisation of all dishes including quality photographs and methods.
  • Introduce efficiency across your kitchen saving you money on wastage and departmental payroll, while yielding you more profit from your menu.